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Bicycle leasing at SMParts.

Freedom on two wheels

Uncomplicated and unbureaucratic – get on now and start cycling straight away with bike leasing!

The offer is aimed at all employees and self-employed people who have to deal with daily traffic jams
Tired of commuter traffic and want to avoid overcrowded public transport.
No matter whether it's a gravel bike, racing bike or, for example, a cargo bike: with the comfortable 36-month
By leasing a company bike, you not only save money thanks to salary conversion, but you also win
at the same time also security. Because: All insurance against accidents and theft are included.

Leasing provider

We work together to make the process as easy as possible for you and your employer
practically with all well-known leasing providers. You should choose your favorite service provider
If you still can't find it, that's no problem. Just contact us and we'll get in touch with you
directly connected.

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Employee benefit

Not only do you get the bike of your choice, but you also cleverly save money. By leasing your bicycle or cargo bike through your employer, you can travel significantly cheaper than buying it directly. Tax incentives make it possible. If your employer also subsidizes the rates, it will be even cheaper for you

With bike leasing you are insured against bike accidents and theft. Fully comprehensive insurance and mobility guarantee are the key words and ensure perfect all-round protection. Depending on the leasing provider, additional service options can be selected. We would be happy to advise you.

Employer benefit

Big benefit, little effort: Make yourself and your employees happy and promote environmentally friendly and healthy mobility behavior with bike leasing. As an employer, you can also take advantage of tax advantages. Simple, effective and environmentally conscious!

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For self-employed people

Your business and your dream bike – a perfect match! For self-employed people, leasing company bikes also offers lucrative tax advantages compared to buying them privately. The small monthly installments provide financial flexibility and can be more profitable compared to a direct investment with monthly depreciation.

Step by step to leasing a bike

How does company bike leasing work?

Bicycle leasing is a simple and cost-effective way to use a bicycle or e-bike,
especially for employees and the self-employed. That's how it works:


The first step is to come to our shop. Together we will find your ultimate dream bike – no matter what type of bike it is. With us, everything is leasable and can be combined with all accessories, from good lighting, secure locks to practical mudguards and luggage racks.


Next, you clarify with your employer whether they specify a specific leasing provider. If so, the choice is easy. If not, we would be happy to explain the advantages of the different options to you. The providers themselves present the general conditions in great detail on their websites. So it's worth taking a look online.


A leasing contract is concluded together with your employer. Since you do not purchase the leasing bicycle directly from us, but rather the contract runs through your employer, the monthly leasing amount including insurance and service is debited from the company's account.


Your employer will then deduct the agreed amount directly from your gross wages. This saves you tax and social security contributions, up to 40 percent compared to buying a bike privately. The entire process is cost- and effort-neutral for the employer.

Why is bike leasing worth it?

With bike leasing such as JobRad , you save up to 40% of the purchase price when purchasing a bike with leasing accessories.

The monthly installments are deducted from your gross salary, so that in the end you have to pay less for your bike. Leasing is perfect whether you are self-employed or employed. Some employers allow multiple bikes to be ordered per household. Inquire before ordering.